Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd

Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code, 41477; CRICOS PROVIDER CODE: 03580F) delivering quality education.

“College Trainers have unlocked my learning potential”

Rajat Chahal, A Student

Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd offers courses in the areas: project management, leadership and management, hospitality management and business and business administration to both Domestic and International students. Since management is our primary focus, we are established to deliver well-integrated education across various management areas including hospitality and business. All qualifications are delivered via face-to-face methods utilising novel and exciting technologies, smart classrooms, hands-on practical learning, training and assessment and simulations.  We offer rigorous student support tapping both academic (i.e., English help, LLN help, extra trainer support) and non-academic areas (e.g., student welfare, complaints and appeals) through all phases of student journey. We believe that the brain already possesses boundless potential provided the individual receives optimal environment activating latent talent.
Our courses are structured by integrating industry’s feedback on current workplace-standards. Industry engagement ensures that our graduates receive industry current and valid education. Moreover, our courses are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) allowing pathways which provide access to qualifications and assist students to move smoothly and readily between different education and training sectors. Learning under the AQF framework supports individuals’ lifelong learning goals as it provides the basis for them to progress through education and training and gain recognition for their prior learning and experiences across institutes. AQF recognition of our courses enables the alignment of the AQF with international qualifications frameworks.
In addition to course areas and delivery, we are conveniently located near the Fortitude Valley Train and Bus station and in proximity to Chinatown. The centrality of our location allows students to commute across regions of Brisbane conveniently. Students can also reach Brisbane airport and Gold Coast from Fortitude Valley train station.

Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd is committed to unlocking your boundless potential by helping you realise learning in your chosen vocation while supporting you throughout your engagement with us.