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As the CEO of Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd (GAMMA), I assure that all stakeholders will fully support the provision of quality education through efficient and effective practices. We recognise that vocational education and training (VET) curriculum is aimed to developing both knowledge and skills. GAMMA uses holistic strategies to train individuals.

We acknowledge that Training is in principle different from teaching. Training invariably requires transfer of learning. Transfer of learning demands sustainable conditions, active student support, student attention, practice, reward strategies, positive reinforcement, assessments and group work. When learning is transferred from classroom to real world skill, it results in informed behaviour. Our classroom motto, “Informed action is the nector of classroom training” indicates our passion. Similarly, our trainers and assessors will create supportive conditions to optimise learning.

To ensure improvements in our service delivery, we will systematically obtain feedback from students. Informed by your feedback, we will proactively respond to your academic and non-academic needs.

In short, time is the most precious commodity. You give us your valuable time. In turn, we strive to give something back to you - that is, TIME. Gaining knowledge makes us confident to do a job. When we gain skills, we get the job done quicker. Effective training increases economy of behaviour - utlimately saving TIME. To conclude, I wish you success in your education journey.

Sincere Regards,
Kiran Wirring
Chief Executive Officer

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