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We journey through 3 fundamental states (i.e., waking, dreaming, sleeping) during our life cycle. Although the three states represent a unique physiological and psychological signature, there remains the common witness, the SELF (Mandukya Upanishad, Atharvaveda -1200 BC). Similarly, cumulative neuroscientific evidence suggests that learning takes place in all three states of consciousness. While the SELF ventures through time and space, the inbuilt intelligence accommodates time and space in the form of knowledge. Similarly, our self-identity results from learning, memory and cognition.

Learning acquisition is most robust when the blackboard of the mind demonstrates Gamma Oscillations. The name, ‘Gamma Education & Training’ has resulted in such profound motivations.

We are not here to teach you but to unlock your already existing boundless potential within. We endeavour to unlock your infinite potential via the provision of human support.

As the institution of learning, we have embarked on the journey recently in 2016. Our beginning may be humble, but not our destiny.

Our vision is to help you realise your own learning potential and expanding your self-concept. On behalf of myself, staff and stakeholders, I welcome you to Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd. We are here and now with you on this vital journey.

To conclude, I wish you success in your education journey.

Sincere Regards,
Kiran Wirring
Chief Executive Officer

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